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#214: ENOC's Successful Loyalty Program in the UAE (Short Summary Show) (7m)
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For more information, please visit Hello, and welcome to this week’s short episode of Let’s Talk Loyalty. Today, I’m looking back to early 2021 when I spoke with Suri Singh the Head of Loyalty from Emirates National Oil Company, or ENOC for short. When I spoke with Suri last year, he had just launched ENOC’s loyalty program three months earlier. So he told me what it was like to build and launch his loyalty program. From the very beginning, we talked firstly about the format of designing a whole new loyalty program and how that has to begin with actually the corporate-specific structure in mind, for example, ENOC is primarily a fuel retailer, but they also have many different brands, including their convenience stores, car washes, food and beverage brands, and even their car registration business.
Paula Thomas

That is quite unique. I believe to the UAE. Now, as you can imagine, Suri’s objective was to make sure the loyalty program had points and perks interwoven throughout each of those businesses. We also talked about the importance of understanding local culture. For example, here in the UAE, raffles and drawers are incredibly popular. So Enoch decided to be incredibly generous and they started the loyalty program by raffling off a car. Now, I realized something that generous can be possible in other parts of the world, but it did remind me of the importance of designing a loyalty program by keeping in mind, the key people who are going to be using it.
Paula Thomas

It was another reason why Enoch made the decision early on to be a digital-only platform and to use a mobile phone instead of any plastic identity card with us and how that played a huge part and how much more capabilities they were able to build into the program. Now, as you can imagine with a company as diverse as Enoch, we did talk about how their objective is maximizing the lifetime customer value of customers by focusing on cross-sell one great example is getting fuel customers to perhaps try enjoying a meal in the restaurant while they’re in the station.
Paula Thomas

Suri took it even a step further in a way that I really loved by rewarding. Even those restaurant customers who try a different dish instead of the same one, they always have. Every time they visit, we then talked about all of the data that they’re able to collect, particularly going back to being a digital app-based program. So we had some great ideas how to use that data to make things easier on the customer. And of course like any convenience and fuel retailer, it’s all about reducing friction in the transaction, as well as that commercial opportunity we talked about of cross-selling to make sure you’re serving both the customer and also the commercial interests of the program.
Paula Thomas

Now, if you work in marketing, I really believe, especially in retail and your brand is thinking of starting a loyalty program. This is definitely one you should listen to. It’s quite simple. Just head over to That’s it for this short summary. As you know, we now have three shows a week and they are always an interview every Wednesday and every Thursday. So I really hope you’ll make as part of your week by tuning in again tomorrow and of course again on Thursday. Tomorrow’s episode is with a leading loyalty consultant based in Singapore and his insights.
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I always love when he posts on LinkedIn, Henry Christian also shared a super interesting insight on his favorite loyalty platform. A totally unexpected one that gave me a lot of food for thought. Then on Thursday this week, we’re being joined by our friends in Collinson with a wonderful discussion, all about innovative ways to connect programs, consumers, and merchants, and that’s in order to help ensure that our loyalty programs remain ever more relevant in our everyday lives. Thanks so much everyone for listening to today’s short episode, Let’s Talk Loyalty.
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