Create highly personalized loyalty programs that your customers will love!

Experience the flexibility and scalability of Marigold’s loyalty solutions, empowering you to lead customers on personalised journeys and transform them into loyal advocates. Backed by our team of strategists who offer invaluable insights into industry dynamics, you can maximise ROI at every turn.


With Marigold Loyalty

Partner with Marigold to deliver highly personalised loyalty programmes that recognise and reward customer behaviours, build lasting relationships, and increase visit frequency and spend. We’re with you and your customers every step of the way across the entire customer lifecycle.

Marigold Loyalty solutions can help you nurture great customer relationships and turn your customers into loyal advocates of your brand.

We understand the value of emotional connection and have built Marigold Loyalty to transcend the antiquated loyalty program model.

Building lifelong relationships with customers is our passion. Visit our website at to learn about how we can help you turn your customers into loyal advocates.

Find out more on how to build the right loyalty strategy with the right partner with  A Buyer’s Guide to Enterprise Loyalty Management


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