#36: Rakuten Rewards

With over 15 million members, Rakuten Rewards is one the world’s largest cashback programs, and to date it has paid out over $2 billion to members across online and offline retail stores in the United States!

In this episode of Let’s Talk Loyalty, I interview Kristen Gall, President of Rakuten Rewards, to understand the power of affiliate marketing, their partnerships with American Express and Live Nation – as well as their global sponsorships with FC Barcelona, The National Basketball Association (NBA) and The Golden State Warriors.

Listen also for some fascinating insights on exactly what retail trends are emerging amid Covid-19 and the categories consumers are slowly beginning to spend on again.

Show Notes: 

1) Kristen Gall – President, Rakuten Rewards

2) www.Rakuten.com – leading Cash Back service in the US

3) www.rakuten.us – Rakuten Americas corporate site

4) global.rakuten.com/corp – Rakuten global site

5) Rakuten Optimism Conference

6) Marketplace 3.0 – by Hiroshi Mikitani (Author)

Audio Transcript

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