#34: 119 Customer Loyalty Ideas to beat COVID-19

On 20th March 2020, Adam Posner posted a call to action on LinkedIn asking loyalty and business professionals worldwide to collaborate and contribute ‘119 customer loyalty ideas to beat COVID-19‘.

By the 7th of April 2020, the target of 119 ideas was achieved and an eBook was compiled featuring expert insights from 63 loyalty experts around the world.

In this episode of “Let’s Talk Loyalty” I interview Adam for his favourite ideas and share my own. A super useful eBook at this unusual time of challenge yet with some emerging opportunities to evolve.

Show Notes: 

1) Adam Posner

2) The Point of Loyalty

3) 119 Ideas to Beat Covid-19

4) “For Love or Money” – Report on 2020 trends in the Australian Loyalty Market

5) Australian Shoe Shop Goes Digital First

6) For Good Causes UK

Audio Transcript

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