Truth is an exceptionally well established leader in the field of loyalty not only in its home market, South Africa and across African borders but also on the international loyalty stage.

The agency has been in operation as a niche loyalty service provider for over 12 years.

In South Africa, Truth has worked with and assisted the strategic loyalty journey of over 70% of the most used loyalty brands, but Truth’s work is not limited to Africa, as they serve clients globally.

Truth is also the founding company behind the South African Loyalty Awards. They own the license and manage it in its entirety for the South African marketplace. It is the only awards in the market which celebrate loyalty excellence.

Truth operates this as non-profit generating to drive loyalty awareness in the industry, for the industry.

Truth is primarily a leading loyalty consultancy and loyalty education platform, but it strives to serve the loyalty industry via the SA awards, conference, annual whitepaper and loyalty industry content.

These additional services are done to bring an industry together via Truth’s webinars, articles, whitepapers, awards & face to face conferences.