#176: Award-Winning Coalition Loyalty Program in Mauritius (Short Summary Show)

Wiiv Rewards is a coalition loyalty programme in Mauritius, created by the country’s largest private company IBL Group and boasts eleven loyalty partners across multiple business sectors.

After only a year in existence, Wiiv won two of the loyalty industry’s most prestigious awards at the 2019 Loyalty Magazine Awards: the Regional Loyalty Champion Award for Middle East and Africa as well as Highly Commended as the Best New Loyalty Programme for 2019.

Join me in this short summary episode as I look back on what I learned from my interview with Delphine Lagesse and Cecile Henry on behalf of IBL Together.

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#57: Award-winning loyalty programme in Mauritius – Wiiv Rewards 

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Hello, and welcome to episode 1 76 of let’s talk loyalty.

Today, I’m looking back on an interview with the award-winning loyalty program from Mauritius, a beautiful French speaking island country in the Indian ocean located off the east coast of Africa.

Joining me on that episode was Delphine Lagess, the group strategic innovation and excellence executive as well as Cecile Henry, the group loyalty manager. Two impressive ladies leading the project on behalf of a group of a group of companies called IBL.

Now, not only did I get to practice my French pronunciation, but I learned the key loyalty strategies being used by this large multi-partner loyalty program, which they call weave a program, which was only a year and a half old at the time of our conversation, but it had already won multiple international awards. Firstly is one the regional loyalty champion award for the middle east and Africa. And secondly, it was highly commended as the best new loyalty program of the year. So two of the industry’s most prestigious titles at the 2019 loyalty magazine awards. Now, as I like to ask guests about their favorite loyalty statistic, Delphine’s shared with me the membership of weave relative to the population of the country with a tiny population of just 1.3 million people. This program at the time of recording already members from 15% of Mauritian households equating to 160,000 members. And I’m sure it has continued to grow hugely since then as a company IBL, strategically invest in diverse businesses and created wave rewards to literally weave together their various brands and reward customers for their spend across grocery pharmacy, cafes, insurance, transport, and leisure partners, and the points earned can then be used at any of the participating brands within the group. According to Delphine, the strategic goal for the program is to not only increase spending within the brands, but to better understand their customers by collecting useful data. So like our rewards programs also true award members for doing business with them all supported by targeted messaging. A genuinely innovative part of the program is the intention to create a community among weave members. And this part of the strategy is called we’ve cares. For example, early in the global pandemic in 2020 we’ve members were already being provided tips to help with exercise and activity suggestions along with plenty of self-care ideas to another amazingly personal touch IBL team members, even coal weavers on their birthdays. And that at the time was over a thousand phone calls every month. And to keep serving the community with an intention to drive emotional loyalty members can choose to donate their points to local charities as well from the conversation. I really think that this ambitious program has every reason to succeed for Wachtell phene AMSA CEO, cold, this joyful island nation, and from my side has traveled, continues to open up. I really hope to get the chance to visit this wonderful destination. See the weave program in action. Finally, if you would like the full insights on this award-winning loyalty program and get a taste of how Maurisha is growing globally as a popular tourist destination, be sure to have a listen to episode 57 and check out the program at the IBL website, www.iblgroup.com forward slash weave rewards in closing, please do join me again on Thursday. When I’m talking with Robbie Kellman Baxter advisor to some of the world’s leading subscription programs, author of the membership economy and the forever transaction, where you’ll get a chance to learn all her incredible insights on subscription loyalty programs. Certainly one of the biggest topics for loyalty in 2022 This show is sponsored by the wise market here. The world’s most popular source of loyalty marketing news insights and research. The wise marketeer also offers loyalty marketing training through its loyalty academy, which has already certified over 170 executives in 20 countries as certified loyalty marketing professionals. For more information, check out the wise market tier.com and loyalty academy.org. Thanks so much for listening to this episode of let’s talk loyalty. If you’d like me to send you the latest show each week, simply sign up for the show newsletter on let’s talk loyalty.com and I’ll send you the latest episode to your inbox every Thursday, or just head to your favorite podcast platform. Find let’s talk loyalty and subscribe. Of course I’d love your feedback and reviews. And thanks again for supporting the show.