Provides marketers with best-in-class tools to design, create, and execute, data-driven loyalty promotions

75% of consumers stop engaging in loyalty programs because the program rewards are either perceived to have insufficient value or are not relevant.*

With Cheetah Loyalty you will be able to reward customer behaviors, build lasting relationships, and deliver value at every interaction with Cheetah Loyalty.

Cheetah Loyalty allows you to develop impactful, personalized customer communications as real-time triggered campaigns or scheduled campaigns in email, SMS, Push, wallet, or in-app messaging.

How to Achieve Advanced Customer loyalty?

Establishing an emotional connection between your brand and customers is the height of marketing success — but achieving it is complex. Cheetah Loyalty delivers frictionless interactions that exceed your customers’ expectations, increase their visit frequency and spend, and drive the advanced loyalty your brand craves.

Tie purchases to reactions

Our deep POS and ecommerce integrations ensure member profiles are updated with purchase and redemption activities as they happen, enabling real-time reactions to occur per your program’s specifications.

More than just points

Your points program doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all. Cheetah Loyalty has a flexible rules engine that enables brands to consider a customer’s entire activity history to drive powerful rewards.

Reward based on loyalty status

We make it easy to recognize and offer special treatment to your best customers. Our flexible tier structure provides customers with unique earning opportunities based on their loyalty status.

Right reward, right moment

Rewarding to your most valuable customers is key to creating lifelong loyalty. With our rewards management capabilities, you can recognize your loyal customers with physical and digital goods, gift cards, and more.

Deliver personalized offers

Define, manage, and target personalized offers online, at the register, and when customers are near your store. We make it easy to deliver single-use coupons and product recommendations, and manage redemptions.

Give your customers a voice

Brands that listen to their customers can build stronger relationships. We can help you conduct quick and effective voice-of-customer polls to validate product concepts or progressively build consumer profiles.

Tap into customer influence

Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. Cheetah Loyalty enables your customers to be vocal advocates of your brand on social and reward them for the promotion and referrals you receive.

Seamlessly manage mobile wallets

Securely manage mobile wallet capabilities including loyalty card storage, offer notifications, and gift card redemptions through Cheetah Loyalty to easily and directly drive store visits and revenue.

Expert mobile app development

Connect with customers where they are — on their phones. With Cheetah Loyalty, you can create and launch branded, ready-to-run mobile applications that will drive engagement and customer transactions.

What is Cheetah Loyalty?

Cheetah Loyalty is an industry leading Loyalty Program management solution, providing marketers with best in class tools to design, create, and execute, data-driven promotions, offers, and real time interactions that help engage and build lifelong, profitable, loyal customers.

Recognized as a leader in the Forrester Wave for Loyalty Platforms, our first time in the Wave, speaks volumes for how effective this technology is.

Cheetah Loyalty combines all the important aspects of loyalty building into our Customer Engagement Suite to ensure you can manage the customer relationship throughout its lifecycle.

Loyalty programs used to mean tracking points for transactions. But today’s consumers want more. They want a relationship with brands. At Cheetah, we refer to this as building emotional loyalty.

Building emotional loyalty requires more than just tracking and rewarding transactions. Thus, we’ve built Cheetah Loyalty to combine traditional points and rewards programs with a wide variety of engaging, personalized and interactive experiences, status achievement, and recognition to make your customers feel known and appreciated.

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*Digital Consumer Trends Index 2021