#28: Corona Virus Challenges - Solutions for Convenience Retailers

With much of the world locked down for the forseeable future, the conversations around loyalty are changing. Safeguarding our customers, our staff and ourselves has become our biggest concern.

While businesses adapt and loyalty programmes evolve, agile retailers who may never have needed to allow their customers to “pre-order and pre-pay” are now recognising the power of digital platforms to support social distancing, particularly in convenience retail.

As a consultant to the convenience industry, working with Liquid Barcodes, this episode unapologetically promotes a unique online solution and a tool that can be implemented by any retailer in just one week, in order to help retailers protect their customers and staff, and further build trust and loyalty long-term.

Show Notes: 
  1. Bob Stein
  2. The (pre) “Order and Pay” solution from Liquid Barcodes (loyalty platform for convenience retail)

Audio Transcript

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