#13: Earth Rewards - A Loyalty Solution for the Environment

Climate change is the number one concern for millions of people around the world – whether we’ve been directly affected by it or simply alarmed by the damage our lifestyles are doing to the planet.

It’s time to find tools to measure and minimise our impact on the planet and Earth Rewards is a brand new solution doing exactly that!

Listen to this episode to learn how ANY loyalty programme can partner with Earth Rewards to make a real difference to the environment and impress consumers by demonstrating a real commitment to taking action. We also chat about how we as individual consumers can take positive action too.

Show Notes:

Website: https://earthrewards.net/

Nielsen Research on Importance of Brands supporting the environment: https://bit.ly/33oceHn

Deloitte Millennials Research: Report.

Book by Mike Berners-Lee: How Bad Are Bananas?

Audio Transcript

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