#259: eCommerce Excellence with Adore Beauty and Adore Society (Short Summary Show)

Adore Beauty has had incredible growth and success in recent years, and is now Australia’s top online pure-play beauty retailer.

In 2020, the eCommerce business launched an innovative non points-based loyalty programme called the Adore Society.

With exclusive benefits for each loyalty tier based on member’s spend, the Adore Society also focuses on education, compelling content and entertainment for customers, which together which are driving incredible growth and loyalty.

Miranda Bliss is the brains behind this compelling customer-focused loyalty programme, so listen to learn the key insights from their success.

Show Notes:

1) Miranda Bliss

2) Adore Beauty 

3) Adore Society 

Audio Transcript

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Hello, and welcome to this week’s short episode of Let’s Talk Loyalty. I’m your host, Paula Thomas, and today I’m looking back to May 2021, when I spoke with Miranda Bliss, the Loyalty and Retention Manager for Adore Beauty, which is Australia’s number one, online beauty, skincare, and wellness retailer.


When I met Miranda, Adore Beauty had just launched the brand’s new loyalty program called the Adore Society. So we learned all about how she went about designing, building, and launching the entire program from start to finish. 


She spoke about the value proposition of the program, which is of course, highly personalized and fueled by data and she told us the biggest decision the brand took at the very early part of the design phase was not to make this a points-based program. Now, as you can imagine, until recently it was virtually unheard of to operate a program without some currency like points or miles as the basis of the loyalty program. So it was really interesting to hear Miranda talk about how and why that decision was made. Instead of points, the Adore Society offers exclusive perks, gifts, and invitations to special events. And a key feature of the perks is that there are often things that money just can’t buy, such as special invitations and priority access to exclusive events. Given the aspirational nature of their incredible range of products and beauty brands, I can imagine there are absolutely some beautiful campaigns for members. So for any of you listening, who are in the middle of designing, redesigning, or just updating your loyalty program, this episode includes lots of alternatives you can consider rather than simply relying on the traditional points currency for your members to spend.


Another thing I really loved about the Adore Society is that it’s very much community based and offers education as well as the perks and promotions. Alongside the program, the brand creates plenty of content in various formats, including podcasts, and these foster a sense of both education and community.


I also learned from Miranda that they did invest quite significantly in market research through both in-person focus groups and online forums. And it became obvious that while customers may initially look for discounts and offers, in fact, longer term, what really drives their feeling of loyalty is a community they can feel connected to.


That’s my short summary for today. As you can hear in the full interview, Adore Beauty is now a huge Australian e-commerce retailer, that grew significantly during the pandemic, and the company is now publicly traded on the Australian stock exchange. Miranda gave us a masterclass in using loyalty mechanics to really build long-term sustainable relationships between your brand and your customers. So I hope you’ll take the opportunity to listen to the full interview. It’s available on letstalkloyalty.com/108. 


That’s it for today, on Thursday, I’m back chatting with the incredibly innovative program, which rewards you just for paying your rent. Listen to hear the latest from our friends in Bilt Rewards. Thanks again for listening to Let’s Talk Loyalty.


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