#217: Insights on Loyalty Innovation with Epsilon (Short Summary Show)

In this short summary episode of “Let’s Talk Loyalty”, we looked back on an episode from early 2021 when we talked about loyalty programmes as they evolved during the global pandemic, in an insightful conversation with Ashish Sinha, Managing Director of Epsilon APAC & MEA.

While some brands did their utmost to be extraordinarily helpful to consumers in that particularly difficult time, others overloaded their members with offers and deals that they didn’t want or couldn’t afford to redeem.

Listen to enjoy some unique Epsilon insights on how true customer loyalty can be earned.

Show Notes:

1) Episode #80: Loyalty Trends in APAC by Epsilon’s Ashish Sinha

2) Ashish Sinha, Managing Director – Epsilon APAC & MEA

Audio Transcript

1 (5s): Welcome to Let’s Talk Loyalty, an industry podcast for loyalty marketing professionals. I’m your host, Paula Thomas, and if you work in loyalty marketing, join me every week to learn the latest ideas from loyalty specialists around the world.

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Hello, and welcome to episode 217 of let’s talk loyalty today. I’m going back and revisiting my talk with Ashish Sinha, the managing director for Epsilon for Asia Pacific, the middle east and Africa.

As many of you know, Epsilon is a great partner of “Let’s Talk Loyalty”, and certainly is one of the best known loyalty marketing platforms in our industry.

(1m 59s): This was such an interesting conversation because we were almost a year into the COVID-19 pandemic. So together we discussed how much loyalty programs had already changed during that short time, how brands had to adapt, not just themselves to the pandemic, but how the pandemic was affecting their own customers’ behavior. Of course, like anything, some brands got it really right. And others really struggled to respond. One example was a company who responded to their dramatic loss of sales by bombarding their members with more and more deals, which might’ve seemed like a reasonable thing to do at the time, but really did a lot of damage to their relationships with loyal customers, mainly because the reason they had stopped by was that they were actually struggling financially due to COVID itself with, for example, so many people losing their jobs. 1 (2m 60s): So a key lesson I think we talked about in this episode is really how important it is for all of us to examine our data and really uncover why customers are behaving the way they are. Ashish gave us two other great examples of brands that got it exactly right. One was a bank, which instead of sending out offers for new insurance or investment products, instead decided to focus on helping their customers become better educated on government programs or grants that might be able to help them if they were under financial strain from COVID or a related job loss. 1 (3m 40s): The other one was the wonderful pharmacy retail chain called Walgreens who had recently revamped their loyalty program. Now it’s set up in a way, not just to reward customers for shopping there and buying the usual things, but they’ve brought in a whole new approach where they are partnering with their customers to offer tailored health solutions based on each person’s individual medical history. And again, as we often do on this show, we then talked about how crucial it is for brands to take extraordinary care of the customer data. They collect platforms like Facebook have made plenty of mistakes in the past, and that is really making customers extra cautious about giving out their private information, given the rise in COVID-19 and the exponential growth of e-commerce as a result, brands are collecting more and more data. 1 (4m 37s): And of course now with first party data, which is the richest and most valuable type, the biggest takeaway for me from this episode is that ongoing commitment to use our data, to get to know our customers and make sure that we’re really partnering with them to help and enrich their lives, not just send them constant offers and coupons. There were so many wonderful insights in this episode. It’s definitely a great one to go back and listen to a second time. If you’d like to it’s quite simply let’s talk loyalty.com forward slash 80. That’s it for today’s Short Summary tomorrow, we’ll be talking about the world’s largest hospitality loyalty program that you’ve never heard of that discovery program, which is the world’s largest Alliance for independent hotel brands and is used for example, by an Antara Avani Kempinski and actually over 30 other brands. 1 (5m 39s): Then on Thursday, we’re bringing back out in Posner to share with us his 20, 22 report on consumer insights from the Australian loyalty. Markish all of which are relevant to loyalty marketeers all over the world, no matter where you are living and working. Thanks again for listening to today’s episode of let’s talk loyalty. I really do appreciate it. This show is sponsored by the wise market here. The world’s most popular source of loyalty marketing use insights and research. The wise market tier also offers loyalty marketing training through its loyalty academy, which has already certified over 245 executives in 27 countries as certified loyalty marketing professionals. 1 (6m 33s): For more information, check out the wise market tier.com and loyalty academy.org. Thank you so much for listening to this episode of let’s talk loyalty. If you’d like us to send you the latest shows each week, simply sign up for the let’s talk loyalty newsletter on let’s talk loyalty.com. We’ll send our best episodes straight to your inbox, and don’t forget that you can follow let’s talk loyalty on any of your favorite podcast platforms. And of course we’d love for you to share your feedback and reviews. 1 (7m 17s): Thanks again for supporting this show.