#15: KPMG Global Report - The Truth About Customer Loyalty

KPMG is one of the world’s top management consulting firms and one of the “Big Four” accounting organisations globally with offices in over 150 countries globally.

Its advisory services include advising governments, public and private firms on best practice in customer experience and driving loyalty.

This includes comprehensive research including its latest report entitled: ” The Truth about Customer Loyalty” – described as a report in which the world’s consumers reveal what keeps them coming back.

A comprehensive interview discussing this brand new global loyalty report (published November 2019) with Selim Tanfous, KPMG Associate Director for the Lower Gulf Region.

Show Notes:

The Truth About Customer Loyalty – 2019 edition

Customer Experience Report 2019 edition.

Me, My Life, My Wallet (2018 KPMG Loyalty Research Report)
Other Loyalty Resources: 
Loyalty 360 – The Association for Customer Loyalty


Audio Transcript

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