#81: Let's Talk a LITTLE Loyalty - Summary of Interview with Loyalty Expert: Leanne Papaioannou

This episode of “Let’s Talk Loyalty” reviews some of the fascinating insights from my interview with Leanne Papaioannou, founder of the “Chilli Pepper” loyalty agency in Ireland.

Show Notes:

1) Chilli Pepper Loyalty Marketing Agency 

2) Leanne Papaioannou

3) Full episode recording: Let’s Talk Loyalty #8: Lessons from a Loyalty Expert: Leanne Papaioanno‪u

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Welcome to “Let’s Talk a Little Loyalty”, my new shorter show for loyalty marketing professionals.

In today’s episode, I’m summarizing my interview with Leanne poppy UNO, a loyalty expert in Ireland. Who’s marketing agency called chili pepper marketing was the first and may in fact still be the only loyalty strategy agency in our home country. We first discussed some incredibly powerful work that Leon did with a fuel and convenience retailer called Topaz, which went on to win an extraordinary number of international loyalty awards. Leon worked with Topaz to identify some key consumer insights that could inform the development of a loyalty program that would truly change driver behavior in this very challenging sector, given the tiny margins available on fuel, having tested a number of concepts and models, they eventually settled on the idea of using gamification to engage with their customers, creating a program called play or park where customers earned points.

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Every time they refilled in Apptopia station or bought products in store. When they reached 200 points, they could play a game with a valuable prize every month worth over 10,000 euros as a once in a lifetime experience for customers to win. If the member didn’t like the prize and one particular month, they could simply park the points until the following month. And then they had more entries for a prize. They were truly excited about the, and shared her view that both statistics and case studies are needed to show the potential impact of loyalty within any business. She believes in the importance of working with the leaders of the business to understand their business goals and ensure they are committed to building a powerful solution to help drive customer engagement.

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She has three principles for success in any loyalty program. Firstly, the loyalty program should always be in line with the brand positioning and ethos. Secondly, research has to be used to generate real customer insights and then the loyalty strategy can be built on that. Thirdly, she believes in creating rewards and experiences that customers have not experienced before from an operational point of view, Leanne Ben shared just some tips on building a great loyalty program. Step-by-step firstly, she thinks it’s important to meet with the various members of the senior management team to understand the different objectives, challenges, background, and expectations of the loyalty project within the business.

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Secondly, she believes it’s extremely important to conduct a loyalty innovation workshop, to include everyone involved in the project and get their input in order to design the optimum loyalty strategy. Using any customer research that can identify loyalty triggers. Thirdly, the arm then makes recommendations to the brand based on concepts that would drive increased loyalty with their unique customer base. Once the idea has been agreed in principle, the next step is to develop a business case to assess whether the loyalty strategy is likely to be successful.

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Then after finalizing and testing the strategy, the next stage is to implement it using technology, to learn more lessons and loyalty from Leon Papuan, his amazing career. You can simply head over to let’s talk loyalty.com and look for episode number eight. That’s it for this episode of let’s talk a little

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