#79: Let's Talk a LITTLE Loyalty - Summary of Loyalty Success and Storytelling in South Afric‪a‬

Helène Brand is a freelance marketing consultant whose experience includes responsibilities for a community-based loyalty program in South Africa called “ My School, My Village, My Planet” which won 8 international awards.

Helène herself was named “Loyalty Personality of the Year” in 2015 and this short summary discusses her approach to loyalty which includes  balancing both transactional and emotional loyalty.

We also discuss her passion for storytelling as a powerful tool for business and loyalty marketing professionals and some great examples of innovative loyalty concepts in South Africa.

Show Notes: 

1) Let’s Talk Loyalty #7: Award-winning Loyalty Success and Storytelling in South Afric‪a‬

2) Helène Brand 

3) Global Citizen 

Audio Transcript

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