#76: Loyalty Programme Liability Management - Len Llaguno, Founder of Kyros Insights

A key challenge for loyalty program owners is accurately predicting their loyalty program liability years ahead in the future, and how to plan their program from a financial perspective to optimise the lifetime value of their customers.

Today’s guest, Len Llaguno, specialises in leveraging the art, science and modelling skills of his actuarial toolbox to predict consumer behaviour to advise key investment and financial strategies for some of the world’s largest loyalty programs.

Kyros Insights are uniquely experienced in loyalty liability management, predicting customer lifetime value and advising brands on the potential impact of major program changes to ensure the optimum commercial performance of any loyalty program, particularly in these unprecedented times.

Listen to this masterclass in loyalty from a financial perspective to access specialised insights for your program that your finance teams will love.

Show Notes:

1) Len Llaguno – Actuary for Loyalty Programs | Founder and Managing Partner at KYROS Insights

2) Kyros Insights – Actuaries Helping Loyalty Programs

3) Kyros Academy – Learn to optimize your loyalty program liability

4) 7 Loyalty Program Tactics for Financial Recovery CFO’s Will Love  

5) Free Loyalty Actuarial Roadmap – Assessment

Audio Transcript

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