#83: Summary of Loyalty in 7-Eleven Denmark with Managing Director Jesper Østergaard

This summary features the key lessons I learned from Jesper Østergaard, Managing Director of the 7-Eleven chain of stores in Denmark, which in 2019 won the prestigious title of the “International Convenience Retailer of the Year”.

Jesper has spent many years revolutionising the 7-Eleven business in Denmark, from a kiosk business to now a successful food service business selling healthy lunch options that customers increasingly want, as well as building the 7-Eleven brand as another essential building block for consumer loyalty.

In this short show, I summarise some of the great management lessons Jesper has learnt in his career so far, and some of the amazing loyalty programmes around the world that he is looking to for inspiration for his own strategy.

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2) Let’s Talk Loyalty #10 – Loyalty in 7-Eleven Denmark with Managing Director Jesper Østergaard

3) Reitan Convenience

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Speaker 2 (1m 2s): Let’s talk a little loyalty, my new shorter show for loyalty marketing professionals. In this episode, I’m summarizing my interview with Yesper oestergaard, who is the managing director of the seven 11 chain of convenience stores in Denmark with 175 stores throughout Denmark in 2019 seven 11 won the prestigious title of the international convenience retailer of the year from industry association body next.

And yes, we’re also proud. He told me that 77% of the Danish population shops with seven 11 Yesper is incredibly clear on the importance of delighting customers. No matter what business you are in. When he first started working with seven 11 in Denmark, they were mainly operating small kiosks selling tobacco and lottery cards. And yes were realized that business was rapidly declining.

Instead, consumers were starting to look for healthier places to buy their food and drinks on the go. But at that time, the seven 11 product range was not a store that even his own management team would choose to buy lunch on their days off. So before building any structured loyalty program, he first began by fixing the basics and revolutionizing his business into more of a food service operation.

Instead of simply operating kiosks, he created delicious food products that seven 11 was proud to put its brands name on. And since then they have become increasingly respected by their customers. He also focused on building the seven 11 brands in Denmark, combining that long-term strategy with the short-term focus on tactical marketing to start building his digital connections with customers.

Yesper admitted that because they have so far been focused on fixing the basics he had not yet designed, developed or launched the comprehensive loyalty program that he actually needs, but he has spent many months visiting successful convenience stores around the world to learn from their experiences. And he is totally a huge fan of the idea to copy with pride, any ideas that have worked well for other convenience retailers, including his colleagues in other markets.

Yes, we’re also emphasized several times the importance of leading loyalty from the top, ensuring your team has the right resources and investment to succeed. And that your loyalty program is not just seen as a tactical project added to the long list of tasks for someone in the marketing team in closing Yesper shared one of his favorite insights, which is the idea of winning 100% of your customers, Wallace and not being happy that someone buys their coffee from you every other day, they should buy it from you every day because of that, he believes there is significant room for further growth in the popularity of their business.

Going forward to learn more about how this world-class convenience retail brand is building loyalty in a sector that prides itself on speed and simplicity. You can listen to the full episode

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