#54: The Role of Simplicity in Driving Customer Loyalty - B2B Marketer of the Year - Margaret Molloy

As winner of the “B2B Marketer of the Year” award, Margaret Molloy is recognised globally as a marketing thought leader. She is the Chief Marketing Officer of Siegel + Gale, a top global branding firm based in New York renowned for delivering global insights through its annual Simplicity Index.

In this interview, we explore how simplicity drives business performance and enhances the customer experience. We also discuss the role of brands in the customer journey, as well as the power shift from buyers to users, employee loyalty and some intriguing statistics that help explain the role of simplicity in driving consumer loyalty.

Margaret is a true believer of keeping things simple, and she highlights how Covid-19 has made it even more important for brands to simplify.

We also discuss the role and impact of GEN Z on current marketing trends, and characteristics that define this critical consumer segment including the crucial role they play in the future loyalty market.

Listen to this episode of Let’s Talk Loyalty to understand how simplicity is as an increasingly powerful (yet underestimated) factor that drives loyalty in every business.

We also announce the winner of the first ever Loyalty Academy Scholarship Competition in partnership with our friends in the Loyalty Academy!

Show Notes:

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