#18: Trends in Loyalty - My Predictions for 2020

Today’s episode discusses my ideas on loyalty TRENDS emerging for 2020 and beyond.

Beyond the more frequently-touted ideas around personalisation, subscription programmes and environmental considerations, I’ve chosen three topics that excite me that include some innovative opportunities to consider as you plan your programme’s evolution.

Show Notes:

1) The CX Academy: https://thecxacademy.org/

2) Gartner Customer Experience Survey: https://www.gartner.com/smarterwithgartner/key-findings-from-the-gartner-customer-experience-survey/

3) McCafe Campaign – Creating Emotional Loyalty: http://www.liquidbarcodes.com/mcdonalds-loyalty-campaign-brewing-good/

4) PWC Report on Voice Assistants: http://explore.pwc.com/c/pwc-voice-assistants

Audio Transcript

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