#55: Vodafone UK's Loyalty Programme - Very Me Rewards with Camilo Courtenay

Vodafone is renowned internationally as an innovative telecommunications network, operating in many of the world’s most competitive markets such as the UK.

With a laser focus on customer retention and loyalty, the “Very Me Rewards” programme was launched in 2018, leveraging a portfolio of partnerships and personalised rewards, including almost 30 million rewards redeemed in just two short years.

Camilo Courtenay talks us through their award-winning customer loyalty proposition, as well as their recent gifting strategy which leverages customer feedback to build emotional loyalty with customers and their family and friends – even if they are not on the Vodafone network themselves.

Enjoy this episode and insights on “Very Me Rewards” to learn how to build loyalty in the ultra-competitive utilities sector in the UK.

Show Notes: 

1) Camilo Courtenay – Loyalty Product Manager (VeryMe Rewards @ Vodafone)

2) Very Me Rewards – Vodafone UK’s Loyalty Programme

Audio Transcript

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