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Let’s Talk Loyalty is an industry podcast for loyalty marketing professionals.

I’m your host, Paula Thomas, and if you work in loyalty marketing, join me every week to learn the latest ideas for loyalty specialists around the world.

Speaker 1 (24s): Welcome to “Let’s talk a Little Loyalty” – my new shorter show for loyalty marketing professionals.

In this episode, I’m summarizing my interview with Selim Tanfous of KPMG, who shared insights from a survey of 18,520 consumers from more than 20 countries call the truth of our customer loyalty. Salim explained the key pillars that drive customer loyalty and the role of loyalty programs in a world where in fact corporate trust came out as the single biggest factor that consumers say drives their loyalty to brands.

We talked through the importance of personalization compared to the power of your loyalty currency in order to drive desirable behaviors, as well as consumer led factors, such as the power of social media, online reviews and recommendations from friends and influencers, particularly in certain markets, certainly in Asia, we learned that there is an ongoing frustration from customers around the lack of simplicity with customers.

Again, saying that loyalty programs are hard to join and that despite adding digital channels, the mindset of many companies is still more relevant to baby boomers and generation X rather than the consumers of the future. These multidimensional customers of the future can only really be understood if you leverage the power of social listening and of course tailor your business to local market requirements.

For example, Amazon here in the UAE who adopters their business model to accept cash on delivery. We discussed the power of paid loyalty programs. Having reminded ourselves that in 2018 revenues for Amazon’s prime program exceeded $14 billion and other examples around the world, such as a subscription-based or concierge star program by the orange network in Europe.

Another big lesson was the importance of innovation with 96% of millennials saying that companies should find new ways to reward their loyalty. So we discuss the importance they place on connecting with brands, with purpose, as well as the potential for more coalition programs and brand partnerships in markets. To learn more about this very interesting research from KPMG, you can listen to the full interview.

It’s episode number 15, let’s talk loyalty.

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