#7: Award-winning Loyalty Success and Storytelling in South Africa

Helène Brand is one of the team of loyalty marketers responsible for the outstanding performance of the internationally-recognised and award-winning loyalty programme in South Africa called “My School My Village My Planet“. In this episode, she talks through the advantages and challenges of using a community-based loyalty programme and the incredible results that can be achieved when it’s done well.

Helène now works as a freelance marketing consultant and she’s passionate about using storytelling to define your brand’s purpose, creating compelling concepts which drive consumer loyalty both directly and indirectly.

She also shares a fantastic example of leveraging intentional behaviours to drive social change with a case study about an organisation called “Global Citizen” – a new model for loyalty that brands can connect with if they are focused on creating social or environmental change.

Show Notes: 

Hèlene Brand – LinkedIn profile

Email: helenebrand84@gmail.com

Audio Transcript

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