#91: British Airways - Summary of Insights from Loyalty Manager Niall Rooney

This episode summarizes my interview with Niall Rooney, Loyalty Manager for British Airways Executive Club, in which we discussed emerging trends in airline loyalty, including the importance of “simplicity”, as well as how customers are demanding more ways to earn Avios points as well as more ways to burn them!

From increasing their partner credit card spend, to doing their online shopping on the Avios eStore, it was really interesting to hear that British Airways had recently increased their reward seat availability, and had begun allowing members to use their Avios on board to buy food and drink as well as to pay for seating and baggage.

Listen to this short summary to learn more about driving loyalty in British Airways and if you want to listen to the full interview, it’s episode #14 on letstalkloyalty.com

Show Notes: 

1) Let’s Talk Loyalty with British Airways Executive Club

2) Niall Rooney, Head of Loyalty, British Airways 

3) Simple Flying 

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Let’s talk a little loyalty. My new shorter show loyalty marketing professionals. In this episode on summarizing my interview would Nile Rooney loyalty manager for British airways executive club, a loyalty program that has already been running for over 24 years. Nile has years of experience in a number of commercial roles in different airlines. So while he was quite new to the loyalty industry at the time of our interview, it was care that his background ensures that the executive club will continue to drive measurable returns for the airline and remain a respected tool to help drive the profitability and a greater share of wallet with the airlines.

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Top customers not shared some emerging trends in loyalty, including the importance of simplicity with his members, quoting great brands, such as boots and Sephora as loyalty programs. They love and respect with the increasing awareness of LVRs. As the currency across the entire international airline group, their customers are demanding more ways to earn as well as more ways to burn them. Many people are realizing the power of earning IVs on their credit card spend as well as doing their online, shopping on their e-store a hugely exciting channel for UK consumers to buy online and earn adios across online stores for products they were going to buy.

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Anyway, it was really impressive to hear that British airways had recently increased their reward seat availability and allowing members to use their obvious onboard to buy food and drink as well as pay for seating and baggage with such a huge program, a membership non mentioned some unique challenges. So just having children as top tier members in the executive club, as well as the sheer pride that all members have from earning premium status and the joy that members experience when they successfully redeem their obvious for a valuable reward, such as a family holiday, to learn more about driving loyalty in British airways and hear insights from this man leading their executive club, you can listen to the full interview.

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It’s episode number 14 on let’s talk loyalty.com

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