#229: Coalition Loyalty in Colombia (Short Summary Show)

“To make the customer fall in love with the brands.” This is how Alejandro Gonzalez Saul, CEO of Puntos Columbia described the purpose and goal of this market-leading loyalty program operating as a coalition in Colombia.

In this short summary show, “Let’s Talk Loyalty” looks back on a fascinating conversation with the true loyalty market leader in Colombia to understand its impressive proposition and performance.

Listen to learn some of the secrets that Alejandro shared that drive the incredible success of “Puntos Colombia” in the South American market.

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  1. Alejandro Gonzalez Saul
  2. Puntos Columbia
  3. #86: Coalition Loyalty In Columbia with Puntos Columbia

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Welcome to this week’s short episode of Let’s Talk Loyalty, where I was delighted with the opportunity to remind myself of the key things I learned from the CEO of Puntos Columbia, Alejandro Gonzalez Saul. I had met with Alejandro in March of 2021. And it was fascinating to hear how this leader in the loyalty market in Colombia has built and developed its loyalty proposition.


Featuring a coalition of over a hundred brands. Puntos Columbia captures and uses an incredible portfolio of data from all of its partners to learn about their customer’s preferences and habits and use those insights to delight them. In fact, Alejandro described the purpose and goal of the program as literally to make the customer fall in love with the brands.


Alejandro then shared that he’s a big fan of the net promoter score framework or NPS, as you might know it. And I think their focus on using that as their key KPI really shines through in how they structure their loyalty programs. Puntos Columbia has successfully used this approach to not just create loyal customers, but actually loyal brand ambassadors who actively recommend the brand to their friends and family.


Now, some of this is because the program is designed with both transparency and simplicity in mind. Two essential elements that I believe are needed to create that sense of joyful engagement from customers. We also talked about social listening, which Puntos Columbia uses to track and measure comments from its members on the various social media channels that their members use to share their experiences.


This project ensures that the team is always watching and listening for both satisfied and dissatisfied customers so that they can respond when appropriate and of course, use those insights to improve on the member experience. I also loved a very innovative feature where Puntos Colombia invites its members to engage in experience.


Things like live-streamed concerts and even a cooking class with the ingredients being shipped out to them by mail. As you can imagine, this was a particularly popular proposition during the pandemic lockdowns. And I thought it was a really creative way to keep members engaged and they only needed to redeem a small number of points to enjoy those wonderful experiences.


Finally, we talked about simplicity and how important it is. And how we agree that customers increasingly crave simplicity from the brands they love. Alejandro was such a great guest full of both passion and knowledge. And there were so many wonderful insights in this episode. If you haven’t heard it yet, particularly if you’re interested in the coalition model of loyalty, you certainly don’t want to miss this one. You can listen back to the full episode on letstalkloyalty.com/86. That’s it for now. Thanks again for listening to today’s show. 


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