#38: ebookers Bonus+ Rewards Programme

In the travel sector, a compelling loyalty programme can be a key differentiator for customers – for airlines, hotels and also for online travel agencies.

ebookers UK was originally launched in 1998 as the UK’s first online travel agency, adding the “Bonus+” programme in 2016.

Listen to this episode of “Let’s Talk Loyalty” to hear how ebookers.com has built a simple and generous loyalty programme – particularly focused on mobile users, along with insights on the KPI’s they are measuring and how they’re thinking about their members priorities amid Covid-19.

Show Notes:

1) Nicola Helfet

2) ebookers.com 

3) Bonus Plus Programme

4) Boots Advantage Loyalty Programme 

5) TK Maxx ‘Treasure’ – Retail Loyalty Programme

Audio Transcript

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