Alejandro Gonzalez Saul

Career in finance with a master’s degree in international management from ITAM. Alejandro began his career in internal auditing and later transitioned to finance. Subsequently, he built a career in the purchasing area, working for various industries, including chemicals, retail, and finance. Within the financial sector, Alejandro developed a keen interest in loyalty-related matters.


Today, he has accumulated 20 years of experience working on and developing loyalty strategies for financial, travel, coalition schemes, and retail industries in different countries, including Colombia, Mexico, and Central America.
In addition to this, Alejandro shares knowledge related to loyalty and customer knowledge with diverse audiences through Merca 2.0 magazine ( He is an active member of the LinkedIn and Instagram communities, where he shares insights and general interest topics related to both areas. Furthermore, he conducts lectures and talks about his experiences, market trends, and other relevant subjects. Alejandro is currently an activementor within FEMSA, a Mexican conglomerate.