#101: How You Can Leverage Independent Loyalty Experts for Your Loyalty Programme

Running a loyalty programme can be challenging in many ways so who can you turn to for advice, a second opinion and access to global loyalty brain power when you need it?

One place is the “Customer Strategy Network” or CSN, of which I’m delighted to be a member.

CSN is a global organisation of loyalty practitioners and in this short episode I summarise my conversation with Nick Chambers who leads the CSN and share the types of loyalty projects the CSN typically supports.

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1) Customer Strategy Network 

2) Nick Chambers 

3) Let’s Talk Loyalty Episode #19 with Customer Strategy Network 

Audio Transcript

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Welcome to episode 101 of let’s talk loyalty. Today’s show is a summary of episode 19 with Nick Chambers in his role as a founding partner of the customer strategy network, running a loyalty program can be an incredibly complex. And in fact, a lonely role, as many of us have experienced the job needs someone who is skilled at managing high internal expectations alongside delighting external customers, balancing the considerable costs of measuring, managing, and incentivizing behavior change in a way that makes clear commercial sense for the business.

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And of course, all of this now has to be done in a pandemic with so much complexity. And so few marketeers with enough specialized knowledge in this niche sector, it can be really hard to have enough expertise to make key loyalty decisions supporting this community of loyalty program owners is exactly the role of the customer strategy network or CSN for short, which is a unique organization of independent and highly experienced loyalty marketing practitioners around the world. As many of you know, I myself am a member of CSN and I really wish I’d been aware of it when I was working on client projects myself 10 years ago.

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So in January, 2020, I had this fascinating discussion with Nick about the role of the CSN, which is quite simply an umbrella brand of loyalty experts around the world with various areas of specialization. Nick explained the main areas that loyalty program owners usually contact members of the CSN for help with firstly platform advice. So how to know what are the best loyalty technology options in the world with at least 65 loyalty platforms on the market that members of our team have benchmarked CSN often supports clients who to create and run their RFP processes and help them choose a new loyalty vendor in the context of their legacy systems, their operating models, their customer value proposition, and of course, budgetary constraints.

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So that brands can find something that is truly fit for purpose. And of course, future-proof secondly, with the CSN, we have a privacy expert who offers independent and practical advice on GDPR and other privacy concerns to help brands understand global best practice. And thirdly, CSN members are often called Andrew review a loyalty programs, effectiveness evaluating the technology in place, the value proposition for customers and the operational effectiveness to overall understand if the program is delivering a compelling return and driving the incremental sales that it was designed to support as well as all of this work members of CSN offer individual unique loyalty services in their own markets, all over the world.

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And in his work, Nick shared his experience on how the worlds of payments and loyalty are in fact, converging as brands and consumers share the desire for truly frictionless experiences. If you enjoyed this short summary, please do have a listen to episode 19 of let’s talk loyalty and enjoy Nick chambers sharing his expertise and the power of the customer strategy network for loyalty professionals all over the world. This show is sponsored by the wise market here. The world’s most popular source of loyalty, marketing news insights and research.

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