#31: Innovative Ideas and Emerging Tech in Loyalty

In today’s episode of “Let’s Talk Loyalty”, I chat to Simon Rowles, a fellow Customer Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMP) and CSN consultant for Australia.

Simon has a unique background in technology development which gives him a fascinating perspective on emerging technology in the loyalty industry and how disruptive platforms can offer innovative ideas that truly drive increased customer engagement and retention.

Led by some great loyalty statistics, Simon discusses how Australia is responding to Covid19 and talks through some exciting ideas that will appeal to loyalty programme managers worldwide.

Show Notes: 

1) Simon Rowles: https://www.linkedin.com/in/simonrowles/

2) Beyonde

3) www.Bink.com

4) www.UpgradePack.com

5) www.FlyBits.com

6) Ben Evans – newsletter – https://www.ben-evans.com/

7) Mark Ritson – https://www.marketingweek.com/mark-ritson/

8) Bob Hoffman – https://www.bobhoffmanswebsite.com/

9) Wise Marketer – https://thewisemarketer.com/

Audio Transcript

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