#50: KPMG Customer Research - Connecting with The New Customer

As customers respond to our dramatically different world, trust is becoming an essential ingredient in business, not just to ensure customer loyalty, but to ensure business survival.

In its fascinating reports on the “New Customer”, KPMG reveal some dramatic findings – for example, 91% of customers do NOT want to return to the pre-Covid world.

Listen to this episode of Let’s Talk Loyalty, as Nathan Beaver, Partner at KPMG UK, shares the latest insights on the “integrity economy”, and how consumer behaviour is evolving, as well as the principles that loyalty programme managers need to keep in mind to connect with, and keep their most valuable customers.

Show Notes: 

1) Customer Connections in Uncertain Times

2) Meet Your New Customer. The UK Customer Experience Excellence report 2020

3) Customer Connections: Competing in the New Reality 

Audio Transcript

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