#8: Lessons from a Loyalty Expert: Leanne Papaioannou

Few loyalty professionals can boast in excess of two decades of expertise running loyalty programmes across both consumer and business brands.

Leanne Papaioannou set up “Chilli Pepper” as Ireland’s only dedicated strategic loyalty agency over sixteen years ago, to advise customer-focused clients how best to capture, understand and convert marketing insights in to loyalty programmes and customer strategies that drive true brand advocacy.

Leanne’s expertise spans fuel and convenience retail, insurance, telcos, energy and our conversation includes insightful ideas from the evolution of loyalty practices in the Irish market, through to the latest global insights on capturing and driving your net promoter score in new and useful ways.

Show Notes:

1) Glassbox brands concept:


2) Net Promoter Score concept (NPS):


3) Customer Trends and Insights:



4) Forrester Research: Customer Loyalty Playbook 2019





Audio Transcript

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