#109: Let's Talk Loyalty Partners with The Wise Marketer

In this short episode, I showcase my partnership with my friends in “The Wise Marketer™” – the world’s most widely read source of news, and insights for loyalty marketing professionals.

The guys in The Wise Marketer and I are equally passionate about sharing loyalty knowledge so this content partnership is the perfect way to do that.

In this five minute episode, I summarise key insights from the CEO of The Wise Marketer, Bill Hanifin, and how proud I am to be working with The Wise Marketer group, adding my “voice” to be part of the world’s biggest loyalty community.

Show Notes:

1) Bill Hanifin 

2) TheWiseMarketer

3) The Loyalty Academy 

4) Full interview with Bill Hanifin – episode #24

Audio Transcript


Speaker 0 (0s): Let’s Talk Loyalty is an industry podcast for loyalty marketing professionals.

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This episode is brought to you by Epsilon and their award-winning Peoplecloud loyalty solution.

Today, I’m delighted to announce that I’m taking part in Epsilon’s PersonaLive event this June.

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Hello, and welcome to episode 109 of let’s talk loyalty in this short show.

I’m summarizing my interview with Bill Hanifin – an episode from February 2020 when I was thrilled to announce a partnership with these great friends and leading personalities in the global loyalty industry. The wise market tier group includes the wise market tier website, the loyalty academy training courses, and some other amazing industry assets, such as the loyalty guide for the announcement of my partnership with the group, I was joined by bill Hannifin, who is the CEO and managing editor of the wise market here, as well as the founder of his own consulting firm, Hannaford loyalty based out of Florida.

Bill has an incredibly varied background, including initially some corporate banking and as the chief financial officer, before he ended up joining visa and helped create some co-branded credit cards. And it was that work, which led him to dedicate his whole career to this loyalty industry, bill Toby, some of the reasons that he loves it, it’s a discipline that you can put your heart and soul into. You can also drive incremental business and at the same time delight your customers.

So everyone really is a winner. He told me how much he respected the original founders of the wise markets here, business and his girl to add intelligence, strategic insights for industry professionals. The result is a website boasting an incredible archive of professional content over 6,000 loyalty articles from the last 15 years, all of which are freely available for anyone to read at any time.

Bill also told me the origins of the loyalty academy, the first course created by and for industry professionals and practitioners who want to achieve a professional certification in our industry, really inspired by the size and scope and potential for the impact on business when loyalty marketing is done well before COVID-19 the loyalty academy workshops were due to take place at least twice in 2020 in Florida and Toronto.

And they also had plans to run courses in Dublin, south America and India for now, of course, those courses in those locations are on hold with plenty of loyalty professionals like myself are continuing to take the program online and really add to our professional profile bill. And I then discussed some shared values and beliefs such as the power of content marketing to build your business if it’s done well. And we talked through some of the new terminology in our industry.

So whether your goal is to understand the principles of loyalty marketing or drive business performance, or indeed focus on the whole field of customer experience, whatever your interests, I can definitely say that the wise market here is truly the most extraordinary resource for loyalty industry professionals and as my partner and a home for my podcast, the partnership between the wise marketeer and let’s talk loyalty is still one of the great highlights of my podcast career so far in closing bill Hanafin really is an incredible loyalty personality, full of integrity insights, and years of knowledge that he shares online on the wise market here.

So if you’re not already subscribing to their free newsletter that they send out each week, I do highly recommend it. Just head on over to the dot com and sign up. And as always, if you want to listen to the full interview it’s

Speaker 0 (5m 15s): Episode 24 on let’s talk loyalty.com. This show is sponsored by the wise market here. The world’s most popular source of loyalty, marketing news insights and research. The wise marketeer also offers loyalty marketing training through its loyalty academy, which has already certified over 170 executives in 20 countries as certified loyalty and marketing professionals.

For more information, check out the wise market tier.com and loyalty academy.org. Thanks so much for listening to this episode of let’s talk loyalty. If you’d like me to send you the latest show each week, simply sign up for the show newsletter on let’s talk loyalty.com and I’ll send you the latest episode to your inbox every Thursday, or just head to your favorite podcast platform. Find let’s talk loyalty and subscribe.

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