#33: Loyalty Insights from Epsilon

As the loyalty platform partner for brands like Dell, Dunkin’ and Walgreens, Epsilon powers customer conversations and communications for some of the best brands in the world. In this episode, I interview their Vice President of International Operations, Joseph Taylor who shares his insights on key opportunities for loyalty program managers around the world.

With a background running customer programmes and platforms for leading brands like Adidas and Nokia, Joseph explains how best to manage complex global data privacy requirements, programme design evolution and even the sensitive but important area of managing programme liability in the current challenging climate of Covid-19.

We discuss how loyalty programmes are becoming an even more critical tool for brands to build trust and relationships – beyond just transactions and rewards.

With fascinating insights on loyalty preferences around the world, Joseph shares his experience how members have vastly different expectations of brands and their loyalty programmes in countries such as China, Japan and France. A truly global perspective with plenty of ideas for programme managers worldwide.

This episode is sponsored by Epsilon.

Show Notes:

1) Epsilon EMEA

2) Privacy Article by Joseph Taylor 

3) Nielsen

4) IRI Research

5) You Gov

6) Kantar    

7) Ipsos

Audio Transcript

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