#97: South African Loyalty Insights with Loyalty Expert - Deon Olivier

In this short episode, I summarise my discussion with Deon Olivier, a well-known loyalty expert in South Africa

He shares some of the extraordinary powerful concepts that this sophisticated loyalty market has launched, including Discovery’s famous Vitality program, some unique concepts within retail banking as well recent developments in fuel retail and convenience stores in the South African market.

Show Notes:

1) Deon Olivier – Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional

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Welcome to let’s talk a little loyalty. My short show, every Tuesday for loyalty marketing professionals.

In this episode, I am sharing my insights from my interview with Deon Olivier, a specialist loyalty consultant in South Africa with over two decades of experience in the industry. We first discussed my favorite loyalty program in the world, which Dion has been a member and close follower of since it was first created in the 1990s, the vitality loyalty program by a South African company called discovery began as a health insurance company that realized the importance of incentivizing customers to take personal responsibility for their health and in doing so.

They created an innovative concept of sharing the savings that resulted from reduced health, risks and health claims. This model of driving mutually beneficial behavior changes has now extended to discoveries, car insurance business, and more recently its bank, each business unit driving changes in consumer behavior in ways that benefit the user as well as discovery itself. To give you some sense of the scale of the impact of this company.

Discovery has set a goal to improve the health of over 100 million people by at least 20% in the next five years. So it truly is a noble vision that I believe every loyalty marketer around the world should be aware of. Dion shares the key tools used by discovery to achieve such incredible results. After this famous South African case study, we moved on to discussing eBooks, which is another famous South African loyalty program that Deon was involved with for several years hunt.

He highlights some of the partnerships that first national bank has created in South Africa in order to create barriers to exit and retain customers, making sure to balance their innovative banking proposition with simplicity, to make sure that customers understand and engage. Dionne also talked me through the huge growth in loyalty marketing in the South African fuel and convenience retail sector, including shell and engine and some of the propositions emerging in that sector.

Particularly the need even pre to reduce friction at the point of sale in this low engagement industry, perhaps using innovative solutions, such as payment link loyalty as perhaps the single biggest opportunity to achieve this simplified customer journey. Finally, Dionne talked about how many loyalty programs in South Africa. We’re taking time to step back to review if their programs are working as well as the increase in loyalty marketing programs from smaller retailers and brands for a true masterclass in one of the most mature loyalty markets in the world.

And one that I think does not get the global recognition. It deserves. I hope you will listen to the full episode of my interview with Dionne Olivia

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