#132: What the Brits Want from Loyalty (Short Summary Show)

This week’s short show reviews the 2020 UK loyalty white-paper, produced by YouGov together with Mando Connect written and researched with the goal of truly understanding what British consumers want from loyalty programmes.

This short summary highlights some innovative ideas developed by leading retailers to appeal to socially-savvy younger consumers as well as an overview of the most popular loyalty models and rewards in this incredibly competitive market.

Listen for some of the exciting new ideas and trends that emerged in recent years.

Show Notes:

1) YouGov.com

2) Mando Connect 

3)  UK Loyalty Whitepaper – What the Brits Want from Loyalty

Audio Transcript

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Hello, and welcome to episode 1 32 of “Let’s Talk Loyalty”.

Today I’m reviewing episode 35, which featured superb insights from YouGov, one of the world’s leading market research and data analytics companies.

YouGov worked with loyalty and partnerships,agency Mando Connect to create a white paper focusing on loyalty models, new trends, and also some fascinating new programs that had recently been launched.

The interview was done in May 2020 and included Charlie Hills from Mando Connect – who create loyalty partnerships for clients like Vodafone and TK Maxx, along with Joe flag from YouGov and together, the three of us chatted through the white paper, which is called “What do the Brits want from loyalty? 2.0” a follow-up white paper created two years after an original research project two years earlier.

YouGov boasts the title of the most quoted research agency in the UK and their data combined with Charlie’s love of loyalty meant a really rich conversation about what UK consumers were thinking and feeling about loyalty programs. We covered so many topics in the 50 minute interview.

So it was always for this short show, I’m focusing on the really key insights that have been useful to me, firstly, at the risk of oversimplifying loyalty and consumer behavior, UK customers were really clear that getting the rewards right is the single most important thing to them with 69% of those researched saying that, getting the rewards right. And what they actually get is really what matters. So I guess it’s our job as loyalty professionals to find, to add real value to members.

Secondly, I learned that in the UK 18 to 24 year olds in particular love the idea of loyalty programs, but actually they’re really disappointed with the reality and the rewards that the main UK programs are offering. So some leading brands like boots have launched brand new propositions, such as one called boots X, which is a program only found in social channels and focuses exclusively on their beauty category as well as another new company called beauty pie, which also focuses on beauty products and offers users access to factory prices on premium products.

If they are a paying subscriber on the platform, I found this absolutely fascinating stuff. Charlie also talked us through the six different loyalty models that exist in the UK and which one’s consumer said, they found the most appealing of course points lead the pack as the best known model. But we also got great insights on milestone or stumped card style programs. We talked about the popularity of partnerships in gamification, what consumers think of the surprise and delight approach as well as really interesting details about tiered programs and a particular one from sky UK.

And finally, we talked about subscription or paid loyalty programs. I really recommend listening to the full interview to hear Charlie explained all of these in detail. If you’re thinking about adding any new model or approach to your overall loyalty program, the other important learning for me was around how to create emotional loyalty with customers, which we all know is so important in this day and age, Charlie summarize the key things that UK customers want starting with great value.

So rewards that save the money. Then of course, treats they mightn’t buy for themselves otherwise. And then particularly in recent years, the increasing importance of purpose led programs that directly support good causes something like the environment or the NHS or national health service, which became a really big theme in the early days of COVID finally, Joe highlighted some freely available research from the Yugo of.com website, which covers many other topics, including loyalty, such as emerging COVID trends, measuring the levels of concern, some of the new media consumption habits and which brands were winning consumers’ hearts.

He mentioned one fabulous example from a beer called BrewDog who created a virtual public experience and even created free bear vouchers for post COVID enjoyment. So they were all incredible things for their brand loyalty metrics. That’s it for this short summary, if you’re interested in what Brits really want from loyalty checkout, episode 35 of let’s talk loyalty.

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