#61: Yuu Rewards, Hong Kong's New Coalition Programme

Yuu Rewards has taken the Hong Kong Market by storm.  Launched in July 2020, this innovative coalition programme connects ten brands and over 2,000 stores, and has already recruited an incredible two million members in its first month – a superb result in a city of eight million people.

In this episode of Let’s Talk Loyalty, I interview Mark Sage to learn the key challenges of launching a coalition programme in multiple languages, with real time points allocation across fifty POS systems, replacing existing programmes in key partner brands, amidst a pandemic!

From cheesy tunes, to compelling creative, Mark shares the exciting journey of launching this fully personalised coalition programme that is delighting Hong Kong customers.

Show Notes:

1) Mark Sage – Chief Operating Officer, Yuu Rewards, Hong Kong

2) YuuRewards

3) YuuRewards Launch Song

Audio Transcript

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