Amanda Cromhout

Amanda Cromhout is the Founder & CEO of TRUTH which is an exceptionally well established boutique loyalty advisory firm in its home market, South Africa, across African borders and on the international loyalty stage.

She is a judge for the International Loyalty Awards and the Judging Chair of the South African Loyalty Awards.

She is also proudly the Academic Director of Truth’s online training platform, called the Customer Academy.

Amanda is also the voice of loyalty in her home market, South Africa, as the number one expert in her field and called upon to discuss all matters relating to loyalty across the media.

Her reputation and work, however, are not limited to Africa.

She is well known internationally in our industry and well respected by her loyalty peers.

Amanda is called upon to be a keynote speaker at international loyalty conferences and within internal brand conferences to talk about customer loyalty and customer centricity.

Amanda has recently launched The Blind Loyalty Trust.

This is a brand and organisation created to support those suffering medical hardship, and Amanda is working with the global loyalty industry to support this important cause which is deeply personal to her.

Amanda was left blind in her right eye suddenly in May 2022 after 3 months of intense sickness & pain.

She is determined to assist disadvantaged individuals who can’t afford the health care she received, for anyone who may find themselves in the same situation.