Loyalty in Russia, Russian Loyalty Awards and UAE Loyalty Conference

Loyalty TV | Dec 21, 2023

Hello and welcome to today’s episode of LTL and Loyalty TV.

My guest today really opened my eyes to the massive loyalty market in Russia, including the breadth of programs there, in what sounds to be quite a sophisticated market.

Vlad Treves and his team have built over sixty programs in Russia, Europe, The Ukraine and Indonesia across retail, hospitality, banking as well as coalition programmes in many of these markets. 

Now they run an international community of marketers offering loyalty and CX events, research and training courses, as well as the Russian Loyalty Awards.

In this episode, Vlad shares insights from his loyalty career, and announces the details of the Loyalty and CX Conference and Global Loyalty Awards event that his team are running for the first time in Dubai in January 2024.

We hope you enjoy listening to these loyalty marketing insights from Russia. 

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