Loyalty TV LIVE with Mastercard – Influencing and Winning Loyalty in an Age of Choice

Loyalty TV | Jun 6, 2024

This episode is also available in audio format on our Let’s Talk Loyalty podcast.

Mastercard recently hosted its latest Excellence in Customer Engagement Summit in Dubai, and Loyalty TV was delighted to attend.

Against the backdrop of market uncertainties and a rapidly evolving consumer landscape, this Summit brought together industry experts and thought leaders to discuss perspectives and share success stories on how organizations can win over the consumers of today and tomorrow.

As our first “Loyalty TV Live” event, Paula Thomas hosted a panel entitled “Influencing and Winning Loyalty in an Age of Choice” featuring Jill Moser, SVP, Global Loyalty, Offers at Mastercard, as well as Murat Ungun, Chief Executive Officer at Kudu Company for Food and Catering, for an engaging session on loyalty.

Topics include:

  • Rethinking customer loyalty and loyalty programs in 2024
  • Transforming customer loyalty with emerging technology
  • Balancing act between digital innovation and customer trust

This event was co-created by the Loyalty TV team together with Mastercard. For more information about the product or services discussed please contact the Mastercard team at mastercardservices.com

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