Expert Loyalty Insights for 2024 with Bright Insights Consulting

Loyalty TV | Jan 18, 2024

Today’s episode is available in both audio on “Let’s Talk Loyalty” and in video format on www.Loyalty TV⁠.

Our guest today is both a loyalty expert and a great friend of our show.

Lisa Brightwell⁠ is the Founder and Managing Director of Bright Insights Consulting⁠, a boutique loyalty consultancy firm based here in Dubai.

Lisa joined me on the show previously in April 2021, to talk about some very innovative topics in the industry, and today’s she’s doing exactly the same!

As you will hear, Lisa is particularly passionate about employee loyalty, effectively designing your loyalty strategy BEFORE choosing a technology platform, as well as the simplicity and power of card-linked loyalty – a concept she has launched for some of the biggest programs in Dubai, including Skywards from Emirates.

Please listen and enjoy our conversation.

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