Marigold’s Top Ten Tips to Drive Lifelong Relationships and Greater Returns

Loyalty TV | Jun 27, 2024

This episode is also available in audio format on our Let’s Talk Loyalty podcast.

Most marketers today are facing a perfect storm and increasing pressures – whether it’s consumer’s concerns about the cost of living or fundamental lifestyle shifts post pandemic, or brands focused on achieving more but with fewer resources.

Today’s episode is a masterclass in tools, tips and techniques for loyalty marketers in 2024, as we’re joined by Michele Fitzpatrick from Marigold.

With more than thirty years experience as an advocate for putting the humanity back in to marketing, consumer, Michele shares her wisdom and expertise and “top ten tips to improve your customer loyalty”  and do more with less.

There’s never been a better time to reflect on your program, your value proposition and your performance, and today’s episode includes the essential strategies to keep in mind in order to achieve mutually rewarding outcomes for you as brands and for your consumers.

Listen (or watch) for Michele’s top tips and details of how you can request her slides for advice on how to support your program’s growth.

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