Brilliant by Langham’s Winning Strategy: Drive Acquisitions and Boost Brand Awareness

Loyalty TV | May 30, 2024

Langham’s new loyalty program, “Brilliant by Langham,” focuses on acquiring new members and creating brand awareness. Learn how Langham is creating buzz and understanding customer needs. Watch the full interview for more insights!

This episode is also available in audio format on our Let’s Talk Loyalty podcast.

The Langham Hospitality Group recently launched its “Brilliant by Langham” loyalty programme after a comprehensive two year project, led by Susan Nisbet, their VP of Loyalty.

Langham Hospitality Group is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Eagle Holdings, which operates a family of distinctive hotels under various brands across Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East.

In today’s conversation, Susan shares her career specializing in loyalty in the hospitality sector, and some of the incredible learnings launching a new hotel loyalty program in such a mature and competitive sector, along with the unique challenges to create a compelling concept that works for a range of diverse global cultures.

Listen to enjoy this conversation with Susan Nisbet from The Langham Hospitality Group.

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