The Power of Precise Personalization and Loyalty Programs

Loyalty TV | Jul 4, 2024

✅ To truly win customers, our personalization should be precise. 🤖 Every marketing effort needs to feel like it genuinely understands the customer.

This episode is also available in audio format on our Let’s Talk Loyalty podcast.

The idea of “emotional loyalty” has been raised many times on our show, but never before in such breadth and depth as in today’s conversation.

It’s a really big idea and one that brand marketers and loyalty marketers know is critically important but often struggle to achieve.

My guest today is hugely passionate about the topic and she wrote an article about it (in French) for herself and her clients back in 2023.

It was SO well received, that it was firstly translated in to English, then it became an ebook featuring some incredible statistics and insights and now, we’re here to share it on Loyalty TV.

Jessica Lavigne is a CRM and Customer Loyalty Professional for Comarch, based in France, so I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation, all about the importance and some suggested ideas to create true “emotional loyalty” for your brand.

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