Discover the adjoe Arcade!

Loyalty TV | May 9, 2024

Discover the adjoe Arcade! 🎮📱 Users can play games to earn rewards like points or cashback. 🎁💰 Don’t miss out on leveraging consumer interest to boost your brand’s revenue and engagement! Watch the full interview to learn more! 🚀

Today, we’re featuring an innovative adtech company called adjoe, which has just joined us as a partner and sponsor of our show.

adjoe is a leading advertising and monetization platform providing loyalty programme operators with compelling content that uses the power of “rewarded gaming” to grow  bottom-line loyalty revenue through everyday fun!

adjoe has already raised more than $100mn in venture capital funding and has some extra-ordinary clients on board using their proprietary technologies, creating new monetization strategies for their business while also enjoying a meaningful engagement loop with their members.

Here to share his insights around the power of gaming to connect with your members is Thomas Yannopoulos, VP of Revenue for adjoe in The Americas.

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