Rapid Experimentation and Data-Driven Decisions

Loyalty TV | Feb 1, 2024

Embrace rapid experimentation and learn from data to understand what works. Keep innovating, keep testing, and keep refining your strategies based on the insights gained from data.

The ⁠Super Retail Group is one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest retailers, and a public company since 2004, having established leading positions across various lifestyle categories as the proud owner of four iconic brands:Supercheap Auto,rebel,BCF andMacpac.

Our guest isAaron Fuller⁠, General Manager of Member Engagement for the Super Retail Group, where he and his colleagues are helping more than 10 million members live out their passions in sport, fashion, automotive & the great outdoors.

Aaron shares their latest exciting propositions already launched, as well as some fascinating insights on the consumer psychology insights that he believes we loyalty professionals need to understand in order to optimize our programmes.

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