Comarch is Building the Future of Loyalty with AI

Loyalty TV | Jun 20, 2024

🔥 AI isn’t just a hot topic; it’s a game-changer for IT companies! 🤖 Comarch is all about embedding AI into their systems, especially their loyalty suite, to stamp out fraud and enhance security. 🎯 Their goal this year is to supercharge their AI features to deliver top-notch services to their clients. 

This episode is also available in audio format on our Let’s Talk Loyalty podcast.

This episode is very different to our usual episodes as it was recorded quite spontaneously at a recent event.

The Comarch User Group is an annual meeting of Comarch’s clients who come together in the city of Krakow in Poland to learn, network, and be inspired.

We were lucky enough to be invited again this year, and like most of the audience it was our first opportunity to meet Dr Anna Pruska, who was appointed CEO of Comarch earlier this year.

Dr Pruska is a Doctor of Humanities in the field of International Relations and completed her Master’s studies in Finance and Banking at the Warsaw School of Economics, and she started working for Comarch two decades ago,

Most of you know Comarch as a global IT solution that powers some of our favourite loyalty programmes in the world, so to have the chance to meet their new CEO – a leading woman in the global technology industry was incredibly exciting.

We took the opportunity to ask if we could do a short interview to allow you as our audience to also meet her and she agreed.

We were also joined by Piotr Kozlowski who most of you will know as the Vice President of Consulting for Loyalty Solutions at Comarch.

Listen to enjoy our impromptu interview and we hope it’s the first of many we do together with the Senior Leadership team in Comarch.

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