Success Factors of the Starbucks Rewards Program In MENA

Loyalty TV | Feb 8, 2024

A successful loyalty program starts on the frontline. That is one of the Key Success Factors of the Starbucks Rewards Program.

Starbucks is one of the world’s greatest brands and also our audience’s favorite loyalty program!

As a truly global brand, Starbucks operates in 84 markets, and today we’re here to hear about the incredibly successful launch of the Starbucks Rewards programme in the Middle East and North Africa, where there are over 1,900 stores in eleven countries.

In this region, Starbucks has partnered with one of the leading family-owned operators of international franchising brands, the Al Shaya Group⁠, which has operated for over 20 years.

We are joined by Elisabetta Aiello⁠, the Vice President of Marketing and Digital for Starbucks in the MENA and Turkey.

Starbucks Rewards launched in the UAE in February 2022, followed by other key regional markets soon afterwards, and to date, they have registered more than 3 million members.

I hope you enjoy my in-studio conversation all about Starbucks as a world-class brand focused on building customer loyalty in the Middle East and North Africa region.

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