Globe Rewards: Customer Engagement as Key KPI

Loyalty TV | Nov 23, 2023

Engagement is key! Globe Group’s loyalty program is all about connecting with its customers and giving them access to top-notch rewards.

This episode features loyalty in the telecommunications sector.

Our guest, Jerome G Patalud joins us from the Philippines⁠ where he is the Director and Product Owner for Globe Rewards, the loyalty proposition from Globe Telecom, Inc, a major provider of telecommunications⁠ services there, where it operates the largest mobile network in the Philippines with almost 55 million subscribers.

The Globe Group closed the first nine months of 2023 with an all-time high in consolidated revenues fueled by strong contributions from its mobile, corporate data, and non-telco services as Globe transitions from a telco to a techco.

Listen to learn all about Globe Rewards and its role driving the Globe Group business.

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