Driving Ancillary Revenue in Travel Loyalty Programs with Points and Plusgrade

Loyalty TV | Sep 21, 2023

Today’s guest is well known to everyone working in the travel loyalty industry globally. ⁠Danielle Brown⁠ is the Chief Marketing Officer of ⁠Plusgrade⁠ – the global ancillary revenue leader in travel, as well as ⁠Points⁠, a platform that specialises in loyalty currency retailing. This conversation tells the extra-ordinary story that while global economic events over the years have had devastating effects on the travel industry, each of these crises somehow also created unique opportunities for innovation and evolution in travel loyalty programs, with the result that Plusgrade now delivers over a billion dollars in ancillary revenue for its partners every year. Danielle shares some of their success stories and explains why currency retailing has become such a powerful driver of both short-term revenues, as well as measurable increases in longer-term loyalty from premium members of travel loyalty programs. Listen to enjoy my conversation with Danielle Brown, from Points and Plusgrade. This episode is sponsored by Plusgrade.

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